Visit to French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier - Charles de Gaulle
  Nanotechnologies Seminar
   Infrastructure & Civil Engineering Works exhibition
   An Evening With Mrs Françoise Fête
  Visit of Journalist Vickram Bahl to France

This initiative has been enabled in order to showcase the French expertise in the fields of technology in different sectors, indeed, France ranks as one of the world’s leaders in technology, fourth amongst industrialised nations after USA, Japan and Germany. Almost 2.5% of the French GDP is spent on Research & Development and nearly 5% of all global scientific publications come from France. While the corporate sector finances about 50% of all the research projects in the country, the other 50% is the State’s priority is to support basic research. Key areas of research are in aeronautics, spacecraft, electrical engineering, automobiles, materials, environment technology, construction, biotechnology, information technology, medical research, food processing, chemicals and nanotechnology.

The visibility of France as a world-renowned technology leader is minimal in India. While technology from France is not unknown on the sub-continent, it is more than likely that sources of technology would come more readily from other countries.

France benefits from a very positive image in certain areas – its culture, quality of life, heritage and undoubtedly its gastronomy. However, the same cannot be said about its industry and technology, despite the fact that both are resilient, strong and possibly amongst the best in the world. There is a need in India, to ensure that efforts are made to enhance the image of France as a technology leader.

To this effect, the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI), the French Trade Commission in India and the Steering committee of the “Together for technology” label (group of French and Indian corporate) have been assigned the task of promoting the French Expertise in Technology in India.

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