Customized Framing

A globally accepted fact , “ Nothing enhances your home/ office décor then framed art work, family photos and mementos. While many like carpets, showpieces, wall hangings/covering and furniture for their home décor but accessories like framed art piece makes your home Your Own.”
Therefore custom frames help you define your style, protect your antics, thus making framing a permanent fruitful investment in your home décor.

Aspects of Framing

We offer a wide array of fibre mouldings in styles ranging from the most traditional to very sleek contemporary looks. Traditionally wood moulding were used but today fibre mouldings are more durable, low maintenance, and cheaper compared to wood mouldings but also having same effect like wood mouldings. Fibre mouldings have larger variety of designs as compared to wood mouldings. Fibre mouldings come in all kinds of finishes to match your décor.

      Box Framing
Box Framing is a unique concept which gives a box shaped effect to the artwork. It can be framed using a single or multiple moulding. It adds a brilliant new dimension to the frame design and enhances its look. Also mouldings add depth and width, which is important for object box framing. Most importantly your frame acquired better and required proportion to the painting.

Pasting is an essential process required for photographs and prints in which they are pasted on a board with a pressure sensitive gum, this prevents formation of waves or bubbles on the paper which occur due to frequent change in temperature causing expansion/contraction, besides the picture also gets the stiffness whereby it remains straight permanently.

      Mount Combination
Use of mount helps protect artwork and should be used to keep paper out or photographs separated from the glass and allow air flow in the frame, it allow has a beautiful decorative quality, two or more mounts when combined create a distinctive design. We have ample number of colours in mounts which gives our customers a huge variety and achieve satisfaction for their framing.

      Sandwich Framing
This is a unique type of framing in which the print is sandwiched between two glasses giving it a glass border to the print and then framing it. This is a very different kind of framing giving it a modern touch to it.

We manufacture & market ready to used picture frame in Two distinguished categories i.e.
Exclusive Range
Regular Range
Both in standard sizes for OVER THE COUNTER RETAILS SALES, the sizes are
4’’ x 6’’
6’’ x 8’’
8’’ x 10’’
10’’ x 12’’
we solicit inquires for distribution of standard frames on mutually agreed terms & conditions