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About Cos

Morbid obesity may kill but living with it is no easy task either. Anyone suffering from morbid obesity is not only vulnerable to various co-morbidities like diabetes, High blood pressure / Heart disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep apnea, Respiratory problems and others but may also suffer from depression, peer teasing and other equally disturbing problems. It is indeed unfortunate that most people do not realize that obesity, especially morbid obesity, is a chronic medical problem and requires medical intervention.

It is this lack of knowledge and understanding that prompted Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, a renowned surgeon of Bariatrics (Surgery for Morbid Obesity) in some of the leading hospitals like Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Saiffee Hospital, Lilavati Hospital etc. to launch Centre for Obesity Support (COS).

Dr Lakdawala has successfully operated on patients suffering from morbid obesity. With the support of his colleagues and patients he has brought together the Centre for Obesity Support (COS). COS comes into existence to provide interaction forums, consultation and moral support to patients suffering from morbid obesity.

This unique forum will also provide an opportunity for patients to come together and share their experiences, provide information and encourage their peers on how to fight their battle with Morbid Obesity.